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I bought this from the tribe website in the autumn and it is absolutely, 100% the same fragrance from the 90's! This was my favourite perfume back in the day and I managed to find a couple of bottles lurking in discontinued shops into the late 90's, however I ran out and was totally gutted - now it's back, and I hope it's here to stay!!
I'm now on to the second bottle of tribe (bought as a Xmas gift) and I'll continue to purchase :)
Sure, it's more expensive than back in the 90's, but compared to how much I pay for some of my other perfumes it's very reasonable.

I'd like to see Tribe back on the high street again, where it deserves to be!

The only thing that's different about this perfume is the bottle; the 90's one was twisted, aside from this everything seems the same - but the end of the day, it's the scent we all want :)

Happy days - well done BBD for bring it back!


All I can say is OMG thank you thank you.. I've looked for this for many years and the smell brings back so many memories the scent is still the same I am so happy right definitely  can't wait to order another bottle I love it 

I got mine really quickly. Brings back so many memories! Love it! 

I've been wishing this would make a comeback for years and now it finally has! 

Made my year finding out tribe is back ..bloody marvellous 

This is my all time favorite perfume! I still have part of a bottle that I had in high school. You must sniff it sometime & fall in love with it, too!

I would drive a few hundred miles just to get this perfume!! I think i can speak for many of us 90's girls when i say " Tribe brings back the best memories ever"!!!!!!!

Loved tribe as a teenager! It was the main smell on our school bus every day! All the girls wore it! 

We just can't wait to hear back from all those of you who loved Tribe Perfume back in the Nineties and everyone that has discovered Tribe Perfume for the first time.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the exceptional service from you and BBD for getting the order to me so promptly.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for sending the perfume out to me. I received it this morning and think its fab. Love the packaging. Also thank-you for the other perfume samples.

The fragrance itself is... SPOT ON! I've got it on now and its really taking me back to the 90's in a nostalgic way but I also think its a really modern fragrance to rival my current perfumes. I have had the perfume on for a couple of hours now and its still smelling really nice without being overpowering. Other members of my family love it as well so I will be encouraging them to visit your website.  I can't believe how accurately the smell of Tribe has been recreated! Its such a weird feeling smelling something so nice that you haven't been able to smell for almost 20 years! I think the perfume is well worth the retail price of £24.99 especially the fans who have campaigned to bring it back they will not be disappointed. Its a beautiful smell not only for Tribe fans but also for the general public!  thank you so much for bringing this back. 





Thanks for the perfume and quick delivery will tell my friends.thanks again 


Hi so sorry just received my order :-) :-) :-) Thankyou I will definitely be repurchasing


OMG Neeeeeeal!!!!! You did it! This is TRIBE TO THE FULLEST!

Thank you so much for sending me the sample and I promise to be a loyal customer going forward!  Can't wait to wear this around me long time friends they're gonna catch a flashback


I have received it and I absolutely love it!!!!  So will be buying lots more thank u xx


Tribe I love you!!! Omg it's perfect.  The box, the smell, the memories.  I was a real doubter but you've nailed it.  And thank you SO much for the samples.  Little things like that make customers for life.  Gotta go, can't stop sniffing my wrist :-)




Made in England

Tribe Perfume is made in England