Remember leotards leggings and crop tops. And prints and patterns in every conceivable colour, as long as it was bright!

How about Cool Britannia and Britpop? Or was it the craze for fitness and dance that got you?

What are your memories of the nineties?

Now you can bring them back to life with Tribe® perfume!

Or would you simply love to experience this memorable era with this iconic 90's perfume.

Treat yourself this nostalgic yet up to date perfume - right here, right now.

Tribe® fragrance has risen again!


A faithful recreation of the original 90's Tribe Perfume

We reached out to fans to help us recreate Tribe again and we were overwhelmed by the response. A selection of these fans and our renowned French perfumer have worked with us to approve the scent over many months.

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Made in England

Tribe Perfume is made in England